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Lifting Mommas Up

Support for breastfeeding women had been shown to be the most important factor in continuation of breastfeeding! Unfortunately too many women are handed their babies in the hospital and just expected to figure it out! Many procedures in the hospital interfere with the whole breastfeeding process making it even more difficult to nurse. Any separation of mother and baby especially in the first few hours can interfere. If baby is getting any procedures like injections, suctioning, lab sticks, testings this can interfere further. Medications mother received may interfere. Any formula substituted for breastmilk can interfere or completely undermine the process. Then we hurry up and send the mother home to further struggle. Moms do not like to ask for help... after all aren’t they just supposed to know what to do? Breastfeeding support a long time ago came from all the women in your family that had nursed their own babies! They would rally around to help the new mom. Unfortunately we have many generations now that never breastfed so many are ill equipped to help. That is why breastfeeding support groups are so important especially for new mommas or struggling mommas! It’s like having your own group of cheerleaders! Support breastfeeding women!! Lift each other up! #breastfeeding #evidencebasedbirth#womensupportingwomen#newmoms#liftup#midwifery#lactationconsultants#breastfeedingsupport

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Mar 15

In conclusion, the presence of a midwife is essential in ensuring a positive childbirth experience for mothers. With their knowledge and compassionate care, they provide guidance and support throughout labor, empowering mothers to embrace the journey of childbirth with confidence and courage.

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