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10 ways to prepare for labor and delivery

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

There is so much preparation to be done for childbirth. I equate it to preparing and training for a marathon or building a home. You would not consider building a home without proper blueprints and plan nor running a race without months of training prior. There will be many changes along the way and even some last minute ones....but these are my tips!

1) well in advance! Discover the evidence and start on your birth plan from the beginning...remember you will be tweaking it as you go along!

2) Find a provider that you feel very comfortable with. Interview them! What are their philosophies regarding birth? Are there birth procedures they do at birth? Do these fall in line with your beliefs and research? The provider type often determines the location...does that fit with your plan?

3) Complete a self evaluation...where are your strengths and your weaknesses? Develop strategies for increasing self awareness and strengthening coping mechanisms.

4) Make daily birth affirmations a part of your every day routine. You are strong, determined, and quite capable of birth!

5) Gather your support team! Everyone will need a role to play! They need to prepare as well!

6) Know all your rights and options! More reading and research!

7) Practice coping measures, spinning baby exercises, eating well, and caring for yourself and your baby!

9) Prepare for delays...very few come on that estimated due date!

10) Embrace the is truly a once in a lifetime as every experience is different!

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