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Believing In Birth

I have always believed in birth! I was raised on a farm so often saw many different mammals birthing. And yes, it is true! Mammals like a dark, quiet, uninterrupted birthing experience...just like us when given a chance. I worked in a hospital setting for over 30 years. I saw many hospital births in my lifetime. It has saddened me to see the changes that have occurred over time and the fear that is now being driven into the women, doctors, nurses, and other caregivers. Early in my career, I never had the chance to see a midwife in action but saw many family practice doctors who were not driven by interventions but allowed birth to happen on its own with very few inductions. But the climate changed and the OB/GYN specialists became the sought after care providers, forcing many Family Practice physicians to close services to obstetrical patients. But along with that change came more interventions often forced upon women. Women were no longer "allowed" to move freely in birth but instead were tethered to the bed by the fetal monitoring systems that became the standard of care despite no research to support! No longer were women "allowed" to eat and drink freely during labor. Many were required to have Intravenous catheters and fluids which also is not research based. Inductions have become the norm as well as Cesarean Sections, no longer for true medical necessity but more often than not, for the convenience of the physician. Women have also lost their voices in this environment and many are not treated respectfully! It is time for us to reclaim our voices and choices in birth! Let us return to our mammalian instincts because birth happens! Our bodies have always known how to do it! Believe in Birth once more!

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