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Painless Birth?

I have heard of a painless birth but in all my years I have never actually seen one! But I have seen many women who did a magnificent job coping with birth! So what is the best way of coping when you are not planning pharmacology methods? Acupuncture and acupressure show promising results with research...just difficult for many to find someone willing to do in labor! Conscious "belly" breathing, guided imagery and relaxation, massage, music, yoga are all great methods especially if you combine them! NO side effects and they are Free! Aromatherapy with oils like rose, lavender, geranium, salvia have been shown to be beneficial. My favorites are water immersion and showers! Best researched are DOULAS and Upright Positions...both have been proven to reduce pain and improve outcomes! And of course, don't forget the birth environment...just by making it quiet, dark, and stress free we can reduce pain! So can it be painless? I doubt it but it is my belief that if birth requires no work or pain, it ill prepares us for what comes next....PARENTHOOD!

No gain! It's the equivalent of a Marathon...not a sprint!

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