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Water birth: an unforgettable experience

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

My first water birth that I witnessed was a life changing moment for me as a midwife! The momma had a traditional medical model birth for her first baby, then an empowering birth with me as a hospital midwife and with birth #3 had a beautiful home water birth where I was lucky enough to assist! I knew I wanted more women to have this experience if they so choose. I had always dreamed of having a water birth for myself as there is no place in the world as relaxing to me as a tub filled with warm water. Although I never got that opportunity, I did choose to labor in my mother-in-law's big claw foot tub. That was by far the easiest labor I ever had! When my husband finally coaxed me out of the tub and drove us to the hospital, I delivered my beautiful 9# Callissa Jo within minutes of arriving!

Water can be so relaxing...allowing the uterus to do the much needed work to be done. The baby emerges into an environment much like the one they just left allowing for an easier transition. I have implemented water birth into my home birth practice to offer more options for women because I believe strongly in choices for women!

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