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Myths debunked: understanding the alternative way

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

The "Pearls of Midwifery" developed by the American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) debunk many myths regarding birth. These help explain the science and art of the midwifery model of maternity care. Normal birth is no longer the norm for American women. Childbirth in the United States is commonly treated as an illness and has gradually become more and more intervention-based.

Midwives are on the forefront of reclaiming normal birth.

ACNM lists the following as evidence based interventions or "Pearls of Midwifery" that promote normal birth:

Oral nutrition in labor is safe and optimizes outcomes. Non-pharmacologic approaches to pain management in labor should be offered. Intermittent auscultation should be the standard of care for low-risk women. Second stage management should be individualized and support involuntary bearing down efforts. Delayed cord clamping improves neonatal outcomes. Skin-to-skin contact promotes thermoregulation in the normal newborn, breastfeeding, and initial bonding. Out-of-hospital birth is safe for low-risk women. Vaginal birth after cesarean is safe for most women with previous cesareans.

Many of these type of interventions are not readily available to many women. We need to ensure all women have options surrounding birth and supportive providers promoting NORMAL BIRTH.

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